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After Hazing Policy, CS50 To Immediately Drop PSet 4

Professor David J. Malan lectures on the importance of inclusion in student groups. Brought to you by Dropbox.

CAMBRIDGE, MA-- Last Friday evening, all CS50 students received an email reminding them that CS50 does not haze. The email, required by both Massachusetts state law and the OSL, must be sent out by every organization to remind their members that hazing is not permitted.

Within minutes of the email, hundreds of students reached out to the OSL in order to question CS50’s policies and alert them of potential hazing. The emails included many heartfelt testimonies of student experiences with PSet 4-- the first PSet due after the add/drop deadline-- each claiming that it had caused them “extreme mental stress,” “extended deprivation of sleep,” and “extended isolation.” Satire V reached out to many CS50 students to get their perspective. Although most chose to remain anonymous, citing fear of Professor David J. Malan, Brian K. Deroche ‘16 wanted his story to be published. He described how his roommates didn’t see him for almost a week midway through the semester, until he broke down and cried in Lamont late one Thursday evening. He ended his interview in tears, saying, “I just hope that the college will put a stop to this.”

Within 24 hours of the initial message, Malan sent out a second email explaining that PSet 4 would be dropped this year, and that they were exploring recurving Quiz 0. While both he and the OSL have been unavailable for comment, Satire V has been assured that the other PSets are currently under investigation for similar allegations.

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