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Area Student's Support For Strike Evaporates After Being Woken Up By Picket

A group of workers and students passionately seeking economic justice, blissfully unaware that they have just lost Mr. West's support.

CAMBRIDGE, MA - With the historic Harvard University Dining Services strike underway, many students have been eagerly declaring their support for the workers who have staffed campus dining halls continuously for decades. Among these supporters was Garrett West '19, who has been advocating his support for the strike since a notice was posted on his door in early September. However, West reports his backing for the walkout evaporated this morning, after he was rudely awoken by a march through campus at 6 AM


"This has gone on long enough," West announced to reporters. "How can I be expected to feel engaged with the plight of the people who have greeted me with a smile day in and day out since the moment I arrived on campus when I didn't get my 8 hours?" 


When asked why he had supported the strike initially, West explained that he is a profound proponent of the argument that "an organization has a duty to pay its employees a living wage, accompanied by sufficient healthcare benefits, regardless of the economic climate." He then paused before adding, "Besides, I thought there was a chance we were gonna get Chipotle vouchers."


Reports indicate West had planned to take his lunch to the picket line and share sandwiches with the workers from Quincy House, but now, in an effort to overcome the immense challenges of his situation, intends to take an afternoon nap.


Image Credit: Heather M. Forbes/The Harvard Crimson

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