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Michael Sandel Offers Course to Future Consultants' Former Souls

Sandel lectures to a class of disappointed spirits during shopping week.
CAMBRIDGE, MA-- Michael Sandel, the Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor of Government, announced Thursday that he will offer a course to the former souls of future consultants.
Sandel, who formerly taught "Justice" and now teaches "Money, Markets, and Morals", will begin offering a course titled "Ethical Reasoning 66: Effective Altruism's Effects" this fall to help sold-out souls cope.
"After Gary decided he wanted to work for Bain & Company, he forgot about his lifelong dream of discovering the cure for cancer," said the former soul of Gary Kent '17. "This is great news!"
The course will examine the psychology behind abandoning dreams and survey societal problems that will go unsolved now that America's brightest minds have settled for piles and piles of money for the rest of their lives.
"Since she was five, Jenny has always wanted to be the President of the United States," said the soul of Jennifer Bennington '16. "But when she saw the starting salary at McKinsey, that went out the window. But hey, effective altruism totally changes political institutions, right?"
Sandel made it a point to emphasize the course's inclusiveness.
"This class is not only open to the former souls of future consultants," said Sandel. "We also accept those of future investment bankers, venture capitalists, and used car salesmen."
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