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Mather Sophomore Can’t Believe That Other Mather Sophomore Can’t Believe That “We’re Almost Juniors!”

Mather sophomore Ernie Jacobson has found it hard to believe that blockmate Julia Frinkle can’t believe that sophomore year is almost over, and that, by extension, junior year has almost begun. 

Julia’s Facebook status, “OMG, TWO YEARS DOWN ALREADY??  I can’t believe we are almost JUNIORS! Thanks everyone for a great year! ” indicated to Ernie that Julia is having difficultly understanding that she is, in fact, almost a junior.  

Junior Parents Weekend: Roommate’s Parents Still Divorced

After two years of rooming with Jason C. Lambert, David T. Wang was disappointed to learn that Lambert’s parents were still divorced.

“I was hoping that Todd [Lambert] and Lizzy [also Lambert, uncomfortably] would have worked their issues out by now,” said Wang, who first met the Lamberts moving in freshman year. The couple, Wang recalls, had fought about whether or not to buy Jason a minifridge, which ended with both screaming and tears.