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Why I’m Getting Vaccinated

Kendall Jenner sits on top of a pile of agave, wearing an entirely beige outfit with brown boots, holding a bottle of 818 tequila, and staring in the general direction of the camera with an expression of pride
Here with my favorite type of shot, Moderna is a close second

Now that all American adults are eligible to get the vaccine across the country, I've made a list of all the reasons why I'm getting vaccinated to encourage people to go out and get vaccinated too! #ad #modernapartner #pfuckpfizer #vaccinatedbby

-I miss crying in the bathroom at parties on the private island Kim flew me to for her birthday

-I’ve run out of dollar bills to laminate 

-My morning cold brew isn’t giving me the shakes anymore

-I want to see a one man show alone live

-I want to make a National Guard soldier fall in love with me at the vaccination site and fulfill my dream of becoming an army wife

-My instagram hasn't been getting enough likes recently

-I've been meaning to buy an off the shoulder top and now I have an excuse

-After a whole year, I finally want to shower again

-I never want to see Dr. Anthony Fauci's face again

-I want to blow out my birthday candles again without people giving me hate for spitting on the waiter

-I love needles

-I love shots #818tequila #letsfiesta #dale #fantástico

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