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Why I’m Getting Vaccinated

Kendall Jenner sits on top of a pile of agave, wearing an entirely beige outfit with brown boots, holding a bottle of 818 tequila, and staring in the general direction of the camera with an expression of pride

Now that all American adults are eligible to get the vaccine across the country, I've made a list of all the reasons why I'm getting vaccinated to encourage people to go out and get vaccinated too! #ad #modernapartner #pfuckpfizer #vaccinatedbby

-I miss crying in the bathroom at parties on the private island Kim flew me to for her birthday

-I’ve run out of dollar bills to laminate 

-My morning cold brew isn’t giving me the shakes anymore

-I want to see a one man show alone live

Catholic Church to Support Johnson & Johnson Vaccine After Realizing that “Johnson and Johnson” Name is Not a Euphemism.

Pope Francis

Vatican City, VC

  Pope Francis has announced that the Catholic Church will officially support its members taking Johnson and Johnson’s one-shot COVID-19 vaccine, despite its name. Though it has long been speculated that famously progressive pontiff would support all vaccination efforts, his reasoning for encouraging the shot’s use was quite unexpected.