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Area Libertarian Frustrated by Pleasant DMV Visit

The site of either a horrifying socialist nightmare or a place to get a new driver's license.
BOSTON, MA--Local Libertarian Party supporter and noted amateur economist Rick Roberts was infuriated after today's appointment at the Department of Motor Vehicles went off without a hitch.
"I just don't understand," said Roberts to reporters. "How could such an obviously bureaucratic institution provide good service? What incentive did they have to do that?"
Jennifer Dickerson, who has worked at the DMV's Haymarket office for nearly two decades, was also reportedly confused by the interaction. "He seemed hell-bent on making things complicated," said Dickerson. "At one point he insisted that I ask for his Social Security number. But he already had enough ID points with his driver's license and debit card."
After the incident, Roberts recounted the event at the weekly meeting of the Boston Libertarian Club. 
"This is outrageous," announced the club's president, Brett McWhiterson. "Next thing you know, people will start enjoying things like jury duty and Social Security. What would Ayn Rand say about this?"
For his part, Atlas shrugged.
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