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Guide: Is it Too Late to Ask That Person How Their Summer Was?

Five Questions to Ask that Aren’t “What Are You Doing This Summer”

Friends Talking
  1. How much/little money will you be earning this summer?
  2. How many internships did you get rejected from?

Harvard Summer School Proctor Wants to “Hang Out”

               Summer School proctor Tom Stevens, class of 2016, has expressed a desire to “hang out” with other Harvard students living in and around campus this summer. Stevens, who has spent the last two months living in Canaday, indicated this afternoon that he would love to “just chill, you know?” with his peers participating in PRISE, BLISS, and other summer research and work opportunities at Harvard.

Developing Countries Get "Totally Stacked" Over Summer Vacation

New York-With the resumption of business at the United Nations after a summer recess, member states have been pleasantly surprised by the firm ballooning of economic activity in the world's developing nations.  Previously impoverished and infrastructurally backward countries have finally gained the attention of several first-world nations willing to invest considerable time and money in the hopes of getting sweet, sweet returns.