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Bite-Sized Dessert Lover "Bit Saddened" by Strike Resolution

CAMBRIDGE, MA--After three weeks on strike, Harvard University Dining Services is back to work at full capacity today. Many students have expressed their relief that normal dining services have resumed, but Sarah Johnson '18 says she's secretly conflicted about the strike's end.

"On the one hand, I'm glad that the strike is ending and the workers have achieved their goals," Johnson confirmed to reporters. "On the other, I really like the mini-cheesecakes." 

Tatte is So Good I Took Out Equity on My Home to Buy Croissants, Please Help

I am so glad that Tatte just opened a location in Harvard Square. And the bakery's timing is especially great, since the HUDS strike has just begun! Wow, what a happy coincidence!
After the Harvard Square Panera Bread closed down a few months ago, I experienced a crisis of faith, which spiraled into a bitter depression. I have been praying for hours every day for a sign that all has not been lost. My faith was shaken; what kind of cruel God would allow this to happen?