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Musicals For Trump Supporters Boycotting Hamilton

A Gentleman's Guide to Love and the Space Bar sure isn't on here.
Guys and Fat Pigs 
You're WRONG, Charlie Brown

Something Rotten and Rigged

Anything Goes in the Locker Room
(Grab 'em by the) Cats
Swindler on the Roof
The Lyin’ King
42nd Tweet
Hello, Dummy!
In the Whites
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Is Rigged
Kiss Me, Kate, Whether You Lke It or Not
The Pajama Game (with Ivanka)
Billy Elliot Bush
The Color Orange
Putin on the Ritz
Les Deplorables
Book of Moron
Biased Liberal Newsies
1 Angry Man
Upper East Side Story
Little Hands of Horrors
Miss Saigone On January 20, 2021
Wicked (but without the anti-fascist message)
Hair (but without the pacifist message)
Hairspray (but without the anti-racist message)
The King and I (completely unchanged)
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