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Dining Hall Fire Forces Linkmates to Get Lunch, “Catch Up”

The linkmates reportedly spent several minutes in silence after each realized that there was really nothing more to say.

CAMBRIDGE, MA – As a result of the closure of Kirkland House Dining Hall and subsequent relocation of House Residents to Winthrop, estranged linkmates Sarah Johnson ’17 and James Caldwell ’17 were forced to encounter each other for the first time in 11 months.  After accidentally making eye contact across the Red Spice Chicken in the servery, the pair decided to spend the next hour “catching up.”

The meeting covered a diverse range of topics, including the new HUDS chili bar, the fact that they’re both taking “Money, Markets, Morals” this semester, and several half-hearted promises to “totally do this again sometime.” 

“To be honest, I didn’t even think they knew each other, and then Sarah told me they’re linkmates and that they even dated for a while freshman year,” commented Johnson’s current roommate and actual friend, Eloise Kramer ’17. 

In fact, the pair made no reference to their former relationship, although they did spend 10 minutes complaining about how the Dining Hall was out of Marshmallow Mateys.

When reached for comment, Caldwell explained, “I actually couldn’t believe it when I saw Sarah in my dhall. I mean usually when we see each other we have at least the whole MAC Quad or Science Center Plaza as a buffer zone.’” At press time, Johnson was seen walking to dinner in Currier House “just to make sure this never happens again.”



Image source: Nathan Wert/Wikimedia

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