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INTERVIEW: Leverett Dining Hall Crumb Accepts Fate Upon Nighttime Dining Hall Restrictions

A crumb

LEVERETT HOUSE - With mostly uncontroversial new late night restrictions put in place for the Leverett Dining Hall, intending to allow dining hall staff time to keep the space clean against the heavy frequency of office hours and study groups, not all members of the community are happy about the restriction. We put our ears to the ground for a "pulse" from a longtime resident: 

The Emptiness Inside of Me Can Only Be Filled by Lukewarm Leftovers in the D-Hall

Environmentally Conscious Decision Not To Take Tray Backfires as Plate Actually Very Hot

CAMBRIDGE, MA- Inspired by her house's initiative to move dining hall trays to the back of the hall, Adams sophomore Martha Stahl decided not to take a tray this meal, thereby aligning herself with the best interests of the Earth. However, she quickly came to regret this decision, as the plate she proceeded to touch was really, really hot.

Modern-Day Cesar Chavez Takes to Streets to Protest Different Pasta in Soup

CAMBRIDGE, MA--In a move that has reaffirmed many observers' faith in the youth of America, Noah Layne '18 of Quincy House has heroically mobilized hundreds of his fellow undergraduates in a direct action to protest Harvard University Dining Services' recurring use of tortellini in its Tomato Basil Ravioli soup, a glorious crusade for justice that many have compared to farm workers' quests for normal working hours and a living wage.

Harvard Dining Introduces Flavored Food

In addition to the new flavored water machines, students returning to campus after winter break were also greeted by flavored food in many of Harvard’s undergraduate dining halls.

The new food choices are part of Harvard University Dining Services’ efforts to expand beyond the dependable, if one-dimensional, flavor of dry chicken breast, according to HUDS spokesperson Mary Culver.

“We hope to introduce the subtleties of flavor to the masses: earthy depths, smoky edginess, and revolutionary harmonies of taste sensation,” said Culver. “Or just taste in general.”

Dining Hall Fire Forces Linkmates to Get Lunch, “Catch Up”

CAMBRIDGE, MA – As a result of the closure of Kirkland House Dining Hall and subsequent relocation of House Residents to Winthrop, estranged linkmates Sarah Johnson ’17 and James Caldwell ’17 were forced to encounter each other for the first time in 11 months.  After accidentally making eye contact across the Red Spice Chicken in the servery, the pair decided to spend the next hour “catching up.”