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Environmentally Conscious Decision Not To Take Tray Backfires as Plate Actually Very Hot

The scene of the incident.
CAMBRIDGE, MA- Inspired by her house's initiative to move dining hall trays to the back of the hall, Adams sophomore Martha Stahl decided not to take a tray this meal, thereby aligning herself with the best interests of the Earth. However, she quickly came to regret this decision, as the plate she proceeded to touch was really, really hot.
“I almost dropped it,” confirmed Stahl. “All plates look the same, regardless of temperature, so I had no idea what I was getting in for when I touched the topmost plate in the nearest stack of plates. But after I touched it, that’s when I knew I had made a mistake. After touching the plate, I had to take it, since then it had my germs and, like, hand dirt on it - I can’t just put the plate back, that’s gross. But I also knew that keeping the plate was going to be a challenge, due to its very high temperature.”
Stahl then showed reporters the method in which she carried the plate. “I put my fingers on the very rim of the plate [...] it only helped a little bit, since the rim was hot too, but it was less hot than the rest of the plate.”
Stahl later remarked that the second degree burns she sustained were “worth it, even if they save only one polar bear.”
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