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Harvard College Wine Society: Fall Application

Wine tasting
If selected, you'll have to walk to the Quad.

Greetings, esteemed connoisseurs:

The Harvard College Wine Society is opening its application for another semester of bourgeois fun. Please complete the following application by September 14 at 11:59pm. 

NOTE: While some of you may consider wine consumption fundamental your college experience, unfortunately, like many other organizations, our capacity is limited. To maximize your chances of acceptance, note that we admit applicants based on enthusiasm, size of wine cellar at home, and yearly trips to Napa Valley. 

Acceptance to the club is contingent on your ability to pay dues for our intimate events, which operate on a first come first serve basis. Thus, we expect you to commit to missing at least three events a semester.

We’re looking forward to a splendid semester! 


Name: _______________ 

Year: __________

Distance from home to the Château Margaux in France: ______________

Date of Birth (IDs will be checked): ____________

Amex Black Card number: __________________

Total number of ascots owned: ___________

Number of trips to the Italian countryside (bonus points if you stayed in the town featured in Call Me By Your Name): ___________

Email: ________________


The waiter approaches your table at Russell House Taven and sets down a glass of wine chosen by the sommelier. You swirl the bulbous goblet in your hands, take a whiff, and loudly proclaim: " Hmm a hint of ________!"

A. Fish
B. Citrus
C. Smoky 19th century French oak, with some light acidity 
D. Alcohol

Tell us about your favorite memory of Osteria Francescana, before it was overrun by Chef's Table (word limit: 200) 


You are invited to an intimate dinner at Louis Menand’s estate. Which wine would you pair with:

  • A dish of duck confit with goat cheese and port fig balsamic reduction
  • Black caviar fished directly from the Caspian Sea
  • Caravaggio's original portrait of Pope Paul V
  • A mocha 2019 Bugatti Veyron FBG Par Hermès
  • The sailboat that a pre-polio Franklin D. Roosevelt entertained as a child
  • An honorary doctoral degree in the fine arts from Harvard University

and of course, titillating conversation. (Please use any and all resources, including your blockmate in the Porcellian, for this question) (word limit: 1,000)







Thank you for your time. If accepted, you'll have to obtain your wine at the Quad.



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