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Malan and Mankiw Continue to Argue over Whose is Bigger

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Students aren’t the only ones with performance anxiety this time of year. The ongoing argument between Professors David Malan and N. Gregory Mankiw over whose is bigger is heating up during the weeklong period between their two midterms. Attempts to compare and determine whose is larger, better endowed, and overall more sought after have taken an aggressive turn.

Spectre of Communism Haunts Harvard Economics Department

Cambridge, MA- Littauer Hall, home to the Harvard Economics Department, has been the scene of strange happenings. Reports of mysterious events have led some faculty members to speculate that the spectre of Communism, not seen since the Soviet Collapse in 1991, has indeed returned.

Lights flickering on and off and loud noises have been continuous, as well as the department’s bust of Hegel repeatedly being turned on its head.