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Satire V

Inside Satire V: Harvard’s Most Opulent “Club”

Caligula’s bacchanalian orgies. Hugh Hefner’s extravagant blowouts. Satire V’s “Glam Rock” kickback last Saturday (8pm to 10pm). Such parties are the stuff of legend. Passed down in scandalous whispers from generation to generation. And this reporter was lucky enough to score an invite.

Satire V Staff Writer Finds “ The One Tasteful Tight-End Joke” in Aaron Hernandez Debacle

Nicholas Brixby, class of 2016, has reportedly discovered the only “tasteful” joke in existence relating Aaron Hernandez’s former position as a tight end for the New England Patriots to his imminent status as a high-security prison inmate.


Iranian News Agency apologizes for publishing Satire V story

After the embarrassing incident in which a story by The Onion was published word-for-word, Iran’s official Fars news agency has once again run into trouble with satirical websites, this time publishing a story from SatireV entitled “Survey Reveals 69% of American Women Want to Deep-Throat Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.”