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Heine-Turban Knowingly Violate Ukrainian Sovereignty

“Slap us in the cuffs. I’ll serve my time,” said Luke R. Heine ’17, an Undergraduate Council (UC) presidential candidate, laughing at the possibility of international sanctions.
Heine and Stephen A. Turban '17, the only entirely sophomore UC ticket for this year's election, have recently been accused by NATO of launching military incursions into the volatile Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine, and now face a $15 fine in addition to economic sanctions imposed by the European Union.

Sam Clark Retires From Public Life

Cambridge, MA - Undergraduate Council President-elect Sam Clark has officially announced his retirement from public life following his shocking victory in the recent UC elections. 

After a week in which the Harvard junior found himself launched into viral video fame and was elected to the highest office in the land, Clark has announced that he has decided to step back from public life, forsaking the spotlight in favor of a quiet life on his family's ancestral puppy farm.  

Why is a Card-Carrying Homosexual Marxist from Arkansas with Pre-Existing Health Conditions Running Gus and Sam’s Campaign?

Let me tell you about some of my heroes and why they should work together. 

The Crimson, which published a recent article on UC Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates Gus Mayopoulos and Sam Clark, is Harvard’s oldest student-run publication.  It was founded in 1873, you most likely know it from articles such as “Harvard-Allston Task Force Debates Community Benefits Priorities”, “Allston Residents Divided on Benefits Package”, “The Benefits Package Unpacked”.