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Thirty-Four-Day Anniversary Ideas That Will Show Him You're Clingier Than All His Exes

A romantic couple (silhouetted)
  1. Make a cute collage

  2. Take a long walk in the park

  3. Knit matching sweaters

  4. Casually email him houses you're looking at on Zillow

  5. Sign up for a family phone plan

  6. Tell him "Today it's okay, but next week let's start getting in shape for the wedding" when you see him reach for a slice of pie

QUIZ: Are You Exclusive, Or Are You Just Too Lazy to Fuck Anyone Else?

A collection of very romantic hearts
What’s your favorite thing about this person?
a) Their intelligence, humor, and affability 
b) Their consistent availability during the 12-4 am timeframe
What’s the sweetest thing they’ve ever said to you?
a) You make me want to be a better person, and I'm so glad to have you in my life  
b) Can you move your head? My arm is dying. 
When do you see each other? 
a) Three times a week, usually closer to weekends

How Your Thesis is Like Your Relationship And Why You Will Fuck Up Both

The first couple of months are rosy. Something about the subject initially caught your interest — a historically -grounded concept of truth, a large but well-proportioned ass. Suddenly, you feel this strange mixture of nervousness and excitement, intimidation and optimism.