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The Function Mapping Your CS121 Performance to a Good Grade is Uncomputable


By: Boaz Barak (instructor), Brain Sapozhnikov (Head TF), Albert Chalom, Alexis Ross, Charles O’Mara, Larry Bacow, Barak Obama, Barack Obama, Alan Turing, David Malan, David MalNAND, Bonnie from Lev, Mark Zuckerberg (Extension TF), Ivanka Trump (Patel Fellow)


Hi all,

Many students have asked why the quizzes, problem sets, and midterm have been so NP-hard to NP-complete. Well I NAND'd the numbers and their prefix-free encodings, and it appears that the function mapping your CS121 performance to a good grade is actually uncomputable.

Harvard Printing Ranked 1,322 by US News and World Report


Cambridge, MA—In a crushing blow to the world’s premier research institution, Harvard’s new university-wide printing network—officially designated as “CrimsonPrint”— has been ranked 1,322 by US News and World Report.

According to the authors, Harvard scored zero on nearly all of the reports metrics, and would have likely scored lower had it not been for grade inflation. 

Dinner Gathers, and Now My Watch Begins

Leverett Dining Hall
by Bonnie, the Lev Dhall Swiper
For years I have guarded this hall. Other great Houses encroach upon our territory year after year, testing our defenses in the form of dining restrictions. None but I, Bonnie, the HUID swiper of the ancient House of Leverett, stand in the way of a hygienic, orderly, and altogether pleasant dining experience, and utter chaos. For I must follow that most sacred oath of Harvard University Dining Services. This I swear and do repeat to myself before each meal be opened:

Roommate’s Sleeptalking Takes Hard Left Turn into Green Party Politics

woman sleeping

STONE HALL— In a move that shocked her dozing roommate, sleeptalker Eleanor S. Reiner ’20’s nighttime musings turned from that boy Jon in her Hist and Lit section to the environmentalism and anti-war stance of the Green Party of the United States (GPUS).

Hear Ye, Hear Ye: This Morn is the Coronation of Lawrence II

O fair citizens of Harvard Yard!
O munificent donors in woolen garb!
I am but a poor, mumps-ridden wretch, but today is a blessed day for me and all who congregate at this educational institution!

Gaze at the faire chair setup! Look upon the beauteous banners! Attune your ears to the lilting lutes on this luscious lawn! How sweet to be here on this morn!

Come one, come all! Rejoice in the festivities for our dearest, fearlessest leader!

Do not dawdle, make haste!

Preceptors Shocked No Freshmen Enroll in Expos 20: Anomalies of Soybean Germination

Woman in Soybean Field

CAMBRIDGE – The faculty and staff of the Harvard College Writing Program announced today that not a single first-year had enrolled in a section of Expository Writing 20 entitled “Anomalies of Soybean Germination” despite its anticipated popularity.

Please Bro, May I Have Some More Grilled Chicken?

Olivarsity Athlete
Mister grill man, I come to you with an empty plate and a humble request: please bro, may I have some more grilled chicken? Can I cop some more? I bid you, broseph: place another succulent slab of that sweet, sweet protein onto my outstretched tray.

Harvard College Wine Society: Fall Application

Wine tasting

Greetings, esteemed connoisseurs:

The Harvard College Wine Society is opening its application for another semester of bourgeois fun. Please complete the following application by September 14 at 11:59pm. 

NOTE: While some of you may consider wine consumption fundamental your college experience, unfortunately, like many other organizations, our capacity is limited. To maximize your chances of acceptance, note that we admit applicants based on enthusiasm, size of wine cellar at home, and yearly trips to Napa Valley. 

Harvard Admits More Lobsters Than Asian Americans, Investigation Reveals

CAMBRIDGE, MA – An ongoing investigation against Harvard University has revealed that the university admits more lobsters than Asian Americans.

As of the “College Beach Bash” last Sunday, 6500 lobsters had been admitted to Harvard College, thanks to extensive efforts to recruit applicants from underrepresented regions like Cape Cod. Contrast this to the mere 1,300 Asian American undergraduates at the College – a roughly 5:1 ratio of crustaceans to Asian Americans.

Incident On Thursday

Drew G. Faust

By Drew Gilpin Faust

Dear Members of the Harvard Community, 

Many of you have heard about an incident that occurred Thursday morning in lower Manhattan involving interactions between the The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. and an esteemed university president. Many of you are understandably confused. You do not yet know all the facts. So let me tell you one: I will be able to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool with Sacagawea coins and use the leftovers to buy a Six-Flags water slide.