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Mark Foley: Serial Facebook Poker

PALO ALTO, CA — According to a report released by Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Foley (R-Florida) has poked an extraordinary 40,000 underage males on Facebook.

“First I thought Mini-feed announcing
when I shat was scary. Then I got poked by Mark Foley,” said Tom Baker, a 17-year-old Facebook user. “What’s next? Facebook telling me I just got fingered by Mark Foley?”

Million Monkeys at Million Typewriters Fail to Replace Screenwriters

In an attempt to replace the striking
WGA, the AMPTP has purchased one million monkeys and set them in front of one million typewriters. Thus far, the experiment has not gone well.

“The monkeys have no absolutely no grasp of format,” said Nick Counter,
the president of the AMPTP. They have also shown a tendency to ignore the preferred fonts, and have outright refused to respect traditional margin size. “Charlie Sheen doesn’t have time to interpret this freeform drivel. Humph!” commented a disgruntled Charlie Sheen.

Pedophiles Express Concern Over Childhood Obesity

The pedophile community last week expressed dismay over the recent rise in childhood obesity, adding its voice to the chorus of physicians and dieticians concerned with expanding waistlines in our schools.

Deaf, Dumb, Blind Kid Surprisingly Shitty at Pinball

A group of local teens were reportedly
crestfallen after their deaf, dumb, and blind friend, Arnie Marcus, proved himself completely inept at Pinball. Dashing expectations set by The Who’s “Pinball Wizard,” Marcus showed no signs of smelling the ball, tilted a number of times, had difficulty getting the quarter into the machine, and somehow broke his foot.