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It Really Doesn't Matter Where you Go to College

In the coming weeks, college acceptances will start rolling in for a select group of high-school seniors vying to get into the three dozen or so most-selective colleges and universities in the country. Most seniors planning to go to college this fall already have been accepted somewhere, either because they applied early or they chose less-selective schools that notify applicants almost immediately of their decision.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes: Basic or Delicious?

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 Pumpkin Lattes are Basic as Fuck:

Don't Send Your Child To The Justice League

By Jor-El Deresiewicz

In the second winter of the year of Xorna, I did a daylong stint on the Justice League admissions committee. We, that is, three admissions staff, a member of the Justice League, and me, the representative from Krypton—were going through submissions from eastern Pennsylvania. The applicants had been assigned a score from one to four, calculated from a string of figures and codes—SATs, GPA, class rank, quality of superhero name, special powers, and diversity. 

Point/Counterpoint: The Wall on DeWolfe Street

Let’s Talk About Hook Culture

I’m sure you’ve heard this conversation. You’re sitting in the dining hall, surrounded by your girlfriends, when inevitably someone starts complaining about their love life. There’s this guy, she’ll say, and everything seemed to be going pretty well. Except... I can’t get him to commit.  And he also has a pegleg.

It seems like these days, especially on Harvard campus, everyone has a pegleg.

Why is a Card-Carrying Homosexual Marxist from Arkansas with Pre-Existing Health Conditions Running Gus and Sam’s Campaign?

Let me tell you about some of my heroes and why they should work together. 

The Crimson, which published a recent article on UC Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates Gus Mayopoulos and Sam Clark, is Harvard’s oldest student-run publication.  It was founded in 1873, you most likely know it from articles such as “Harvard-Allston Task Force Debates Community Benefits Priorities”, “Allston Residents Divided on Benefits Package”, “The Benefits Package Unpacked”.

Advice Column: Ask That Girl Who’s Whispering Behind You In Lecture

Q:   I can’t figure out how to tell my parents I don’t want to come home for Christmas.  I love my family, but  they drive me crazy when we’re all together!  What should I do?

Point-Counterpoint: Should I Wear a Jacket?

Point: According to your weather app it’s going to be kind of chilly.

Counterpoint: But it’s so sunny outside.

 Point: But that girl out there is wearing a sweater.

Counterpoint: But she’s also wearing shorts. Wait, what’s the point of wearing shorts and a sweater, doesn’t that just ensure at least one part of you is going to be miserably hot or cold?  


Why I’m Not Accepting Candy Handouts: An Editorial By Cambridge Middle School Student Randy Mankiw


 We all hear it and, as much as we want to deny it, it’s an inevitable fact of life: “You have to grow up.”

And that’s why I’m encouraging my fellow middle school students not to accept candy handouts from the citizens of Cambridge this Halloween season.

Krokodil: Good Product at a Fair Price

At first, when I decided to review the new krokodil drug, I wasn’t expecting anything particularly special.  I had heard that it was merely a cheaper version of heroin, and, as a heroin fan myself, I found it hard to be appealed by the prospects of a backyard substitute.