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Making This Easy Ethical Choice Is Really Hard For Me, Okay?

A few weeks ago, a video was released in which Donald Trump, our party’s nominee, boasts about sexually assaulting women.  I was and remain appalled by his words, and I have announced that I will no longer be campaigning on his behalf.  Some of my critics have pointed out, however, that I have not withdrawn my endorsement from the Trump campaign, and they have accused me of putting my career before a moral obligation to keep a sexual predator out of the White House.  To them, I have only this to say: Back off, okay? I’m in a really tough spot right now.


No Thanks

by Your Printer
Dear Michaela,
I am writing this to let you know that I received your request to print your eight page research paper a few minutes ago, but that I have been having some serious second thoughts about printing it for you. While I have worked for you on occasion in the past, I think it may be best for our relationship to take a short hiatus. I think it is important that this hiatus start right now, and end in four hours, after your paper is due.

Annual Report on the Honor Council, Not That You Care Or Anything

Dear Harvard College Students,

What, Are These Not Autumnal Enough For You?

Look, here are some pears. I picked them up at the grocery store yesterday, and...and...hold on. What's the matter?
What, are these not autumnal enough for you?
Oh, I see. They're just pears, right? I'll have you know that Bosc and Comice pears are in season from fall through winter, so that sounds pretty goddamn autumnal to me.
Yeah, I could have gotten some pumpkins. Maybe even some fresh-picked apples. But I bought the damn pears and I'm sticking with them on principle.

Donald Trump is a Fat Lazy Slob And I am NOT

Recently, reports indicate that presidential candidate Donald Trump’s weight and height place him into the “obese” category of the BMI scale. What a fat, lazy slob! Clearly this is just another piece of evidence that he is unfit to lead our nation, given that he is unfit, period. Trump’s BMI calculates out to 30.3, placing him just above the mark for obese, at 6’2” tall and, uh, 236 pounds…? Wait, I’m 240 pounds. Holy shit am I…? No….

I Swear to God If I Have to Click Two Buttons to Access my.harvard I Will Fucking Leave

By I.N. Sufferablé
As long as I am a student here at Harvard College, I expect to have to fulfill certain demands of the bureaucracy in charge. Usually, I accept their arbitrary decisions gladly, because it means that I can continue to be a member of this wonderful community. However there is a point at which it is simply too much to bear, and I believe we have well surpassed that point.
If two-step verification ever really becomes required for Harvard PIN-protected resources, I will fucking leave.

I'm Not Trying to Replace Your Dean Lassonde, I Just Love Your OSL

Hey there, champ!

Oh Baby, CONTROL Me!

Every year, guns like me are responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans. Month after month we are greeted with the news of new massacres committed by guns like myself. For this reason, I am in favor of gun control.
I also derive deep, DEEP sexual gratification from the idea of being controlled.

The Orlando Tragedy Proves [Insert Prior Belief Here]

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of today’s tragedy. But thoughts and prayers are not enough. It’s time for real change. Today’s shooting in Orlando shows how important it is for us to support [insert prior belief here].

Point/Counterpoint: Kim Jong-un is Best Leader vs. Kim Jong-un is Greatest Leader

Point: Kim Jong-un is Best Leader on Earth by Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un is best leader on earth and only leader capable of defeating decadent Western pigs. He is a tremendous basketball star, well-known for scoring 60 points in his final game for the Los Angeles Lakers. He has likewise many lady admirers such as Kendall Jenner, with whom he would do the intercourse very often, were it not that she is a capitalist whore hell-bent on undermining the morals of Best Korea.