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Construction Finished on White House-IOP Pipeline

CAMBRIDGE, MASS. – The Harvard Institute of Politics has completed construction on a pipeline that runs directly from President Trump's White House to the IOP. 
Though a metaphorical pipeline forged out of winks and nudges has been in place for decades, the presence of a physical pipeline will allow the IOP to import disgraced former aides and cabinet secretaries at a record-setting pace.

Do Not Mind Me, I Am Just Ordinary Capitalist Shuttle

the red shuttle

By the Red Shuttle

Greetings, comrades of Harvard Polytechnik Universitet. Or as is genuine American youth salutation, “What is up, my fam?” I am Student Land Ambulation Vehicle (SLAV) #13, but you may call me…Jim. 

Jim would like to assure you that Jim is just ordinary shuttle and NOT artificially-intelligent surveillance platform deployed by Kremlin to Harvard campus to monitor activity of burgeoning capitalists. This is common misconception. 

Please Take My PSY15 Survey!

Hey Quincy,
Long time no talk! Just wondering if you'd be willing to take my PSY15 survey. I know I emailed you about this last night and the night before that and the night before that, but I'm willing to sweeten the deal with a promise that you'll receive my firstborn kid.

It will only take 8 seconds, and you'll get a buttload of gift cards!
What year are you?
1. Freshman 
2. Sophomore
3. Junior
4. Senior

Progressive Heroes: Lampoon Continues to Benefit from Old Boys' Network, but They’re Kinda Sad About It

A picture of the Harvard Lampoon castle

CAMBRIDGE, MASS.— In the wake of #MeToo and #TimesUp, the progressive movement has more heroes in its ranks. The Harvard Lampoon continues to benefit from an old boys' network that shovels its writers into the professional comedy world, but current Lampoon members admit they’re kinda sad about it.

Wow, what a courageous stance!

“Wholesome Fresh” Definitely Not Hiding Anything

A photo of Wholesome Fresh, a store that replaced Market in the Square

HARVARD SQUARE — Wholesome Fresh, a casual restaurant-convenience store hybrid that started in Rhode Island, opened its doors Thursday morning and is definitely not hiding anything. 

Like Market in the Square, which previously occupied the property, Wholesome Fresh offers fresh food. Unlike Market in the Square, it is entirely wholesome and is not doing anything illegal, like not paying rent, which must be true because it has a nice-sounding name.

Report: Freshman Entrywaymates Still Intolerable

ANNENBERG HALL—Peter R. Simmons '18 had a full-circle moment at the Senior Brunch on Sunday when he realized that he still cannot stand his freshman entrywaymates. 
Simmons—who wore his nicest pair of khakis to the Senior Brunch, where he met up with the group of similar-looking jocks that the Freshman Dean's Office erroneously thought he would jive with—reflected on the passage of time as he found that he still has absolutely nothing to say to any of the people he lived with for a year.

Need ONE more girl for IM volleyball tonight or we kill the first hostage!

Intramural volleyball game

By your IM rep

Hey, house friends! We just need ONE more girl for IM volleyball tonight!! Come join us at the QRAC at 6pm or we will be forced to shoot a hostage!

BREAKING: Student Stops, Says Hello to Acquaintance


CAMBRIDGE, MASS. — Andrew R. Gray '20, walking down Plympton St. after his 10 a.m. lecture in Sever Hall, reportedly stopped and said hello to Samantha P. Gardner '20, an okay friend of one of his blockmates, as she passed by in the other direction.  

Onlookers’ responses to the quick exchange varied, from shock and confusion to wonder and delight. “Huh, I typically just contort my mouth in a bizarre, only partially expressive way when I pass someone I know but don’t really know on the street,” said Sarah E. Johnson '18.

Harvard Math Department Proves They Definitely Aren't Sexist By Counterexample

AUSTINE & CHILTON MCDONNELL COMMON ROOM—In a move that shocked the global mathematics community Thursday evening, the Harvard Department of Mathematics managed to prove that they definitely aren’t sexist by counterexample.

“If we were sexist, we wouldn’t hire any female professors. Since we have hired a female professor, we aren’t sexist. QED,” read an official statement issued by several senior faculty members in the Math Department. “For all the ladies out there, that’s a little tool called the contrapositive.”

Tragic: This Girl Said Hi to Someone at the Science Center Before Realizing They Were Both Going to Dunster

CAMBRIDGE, MASS. – After saying hi to Larry T. Samuels '18 on the Science Center Plaza today, Lara R. Garcia '18 was struck by the horrible realization that they were both going to Dunster.

Garcia knew that she was doomed moments after she asked, "Where are you headed?" The 13-minute, 0.6-mile walk from the Science Center to Dunster takes roughly 12 minutes longer than the amount of time Samuels and Garcia have ever spent together and is about 0.5 miles farther than the amount of space they have ever walked together.