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American Swiper: Film Review

ODESSA, TX- Starring a kleptomaniac, naked fox with a passion for fighting foreigners, the film American Swiper has earned more money in the box office than UNICEF has raised in aid for the children of Afghanistan. Based on true events, American Swiper tells the story of Chriswiper Kyle, the deadliest swiper in American history, who achieved over 150 confirmed swipes during his tours of duty. The film is considered incredibly controversial, with some people calling it the veneration of prejudiced murder, and white people calling it a loveable, patriotic story.

Lame Duck Obama Actually Grows Hitler Mustache to Fuck with Tea Party

WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Obama announced today that, since the midterm elections are over, he has grown a Hitler mustache just to fuck with the Tea Party. 

“How do you like me now, Ted Cruz? Ooooo I’m scaaaary aren’t I?” asked President Obama in front of a crowd of reporters in the White House Briefing Room. “I just don’t give a fuck anymore about this bipartisan bullshit,” he added.

North Korean Flag Raised Above US Capitol

The sun never sets on the Democratic People's Empire unless previously authorized.

Sung, DK, Glorious Democratic People's Republic of the Former United States—Following hacks of sensitive information and unsubstantiated empty threats to turn Sony Pictures and every movie theater in America into a “sea of flames rivaled only by Tartarus itself”, President Barack Obama earlier today signed an oath of allegiance to Kim Jong-Un. Shortly thereafter, the president was executed by firing squad along with Seth Rogen, James Franco, Amy Pascal, and Steve Hannah, CEO of the Onion, for their crimes against the Glorious Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Congressman Proposes Series of "Grand Jury Tweaks"

Congress is set up to vote on a proposal addressing grand jury reform that, according to Congressman James Beam (R-OH), is "a series of quick, easy fixes for a justice system that clearly isn't broken." 

"I know that people have had a lot of things to say about our grand juries recently, but I assure you that our American justice system is as dependable and strong as our American cars," he went on. "You just need to make a couple of quick tweaks, fix the scratches, and unquestioningly arrest the first guy who looks like he might have keyed your car."

President Obama Proposes Funding for 50,000 Police Navi

In the wake of civil unrest brought about by the recent grand jury rulings against the indictment of St. Louis PD officer Darren Wilson and NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo, President Obama has asked Congress to provide funding for 50,000 police fairy companions to accompany America’s law enforcement officers on their adventures.

Federal Bureau of Dads: Who Touched the Thermostat?

WASHINGTON D.C. - Pending further review, the Federal Bureau of Dads has yet to establish "who touched the fucking thermostat? Diane? Diane!"

Thermostat touching, a perennial issue for the Bureau, captured the attention of the nation this week, as concerns of "It's 71 fucking degrees in here!" and  "Who do you think is paying for this shit?" continued to mount.

The Bureau, in a rare official statement, emphasized the need for "Jesus Christ, Diane! Put on a sweater if you're cold!"  

Kim Kardashian Breaks the Internet

A SatireV exclusive investigation revealed that Kim Kardashian broke the Internet last week when she attempted to log onto her Gmail account and found that no webpages were loading.

“Honey! The Internet isn’t working!” she shouted up the stairs, according to sources.


“The Internet! It’s not working!”

“Huh! Try turning the computer off and on again!” replied her husband, Kanye West, an aspiring musician.

Obama Regrets Making Sad Face in 2009

“You know, the one where I scrunch up my chin and look real sad?” said a graying and tired Obama. “One photo—whole presidency down the crapper.”

After five years of attack commercials, “Repeal Obamacare?” popup surveys, disparaging novelty mugs, “Republicans hate him” sidebar ads, pessimistic Washington Post story photos, Rage Face memes, and yard signs, President Barack Obama admits he deeply regrets making that frown in a press conference on March 7th, 2009.  

GMO Labeling Referendum Voted Down by Sentient Corn Harvest

Willamette Valley, OR—After weeks of fiery rhetoric on both sides of the issue bombarded the state's 3.9 million residents, Oregon’s GMO labeling referendum ultimately faltered at the polls. Initial disbelief at the numbers—442,456 in favor to 9,723,481,122 against—quickly turned into resentful acceptance after realizations that the entire MON 832 corn crop voted against the measure.

Tim Cook Comes Out as Rich White Man

AMERICA – In an announcement expected to completely transform the landscape of the tech industry and beyond, Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed rumors that he is, in fact, a rich white man. Working in a business world plagued by women and minorities, Tim Cook stands out as a beacon of hope for affluent white males everywhere.